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Ankara Metro

Plans to construct a medium-capacity rapid transit line were included in the City of Ankara's 1990 investment plan. The planned line was reviewed jointly by the Undersecretariat of the Treasury, State Planning Organization, Ministry of Transport and EGO and was approved in late 1991.

The line was planned to begin in Söğütözü and run east to Dikimevi, through Kızılay. At Kızılay, transfer to the under construction M1 line to Batıkent would be possible. Further eastward extension into Mamak was also considered but never approved. Construction of the line began on 7 April 1992 and was completed in 1996. The opening of Ankaray took place on 30 August 1996 in a ceremony in which Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan inaugurated the line. Ankaray became the second rapid transit line in Turkey, after the M1 line in Istanbul and ahead of the M1 line of the Ankara Metro (1997) and the Bornova—Üçyol Line of the İzmir Metro (2000).

Ankaray runs along a 8.527 km (5.298 mi) mostly east-west route from the Ankara Intercity Coach Terminal in Söğütözü to Dikimevi in northeast Çankaya, consisting of 11 stations. The majority of the route is underground, with the exception being the westernmost 0.74 km (0.46 mi) portion of the line between AŞTİ and Emek stations. The route begins at AŞTİ, with he station located on the east side of Mevlana Boulevard, across from the Coach Terminal. The route runs within an embankment to Emek, then heads underground about 254 m (833 ft) north of the station. The route turns east at Bahriye Üçok Avenue and continues under the Avenue, which becomes Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard near Anıtkabir. At Maltepe station, an out-of-system connection to the Ankara railway station is available. The line continues east reaching Kızılay, where transfer to M1 and M2 lines are available. After Kızılay the Ankaray route continues under Ziya Gökalp Avenue, until Kurtuluş. At Kurtuluş, transfer to commuter rail service is available. From Kurtuluş the route continues under Cemal Gürsel Avenue until reaching its eastern terminus, Dikimevi.

Like all mass transit in the Ankara area, Ankaray uses the Ankarakart smartcard system. The entire route is within the same fare zone. The cost of a single ride, using the Ankarakart, costs ₺2.50 ($0.67, as of 2018) for a full fare, while a reduced fare ride costs ₺1.75 ($0.47). A non-Ankarakart single ticket costs ₺4 ($1.07). Transferring to Ankaray via another metro line or bus costs ₺1 ($0.27) for full fare and ₺0.25 ($0.07) for reduced fare riders.

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